Increase the ROI on Your Job Board's Traffic Buys

Ripple programmatically buys traffic for job boards

Smarter Technology
Powered by Programmatic DSPs

Ripple uses the best programmatic platforms, ensuring that job boards receive the highest level quality traffic at the right price at the right time.

Brilliant Trading Team
Our Traders Deliver Greater Returns

No technology is the end solution. Ripple’s team of traffic traders actively manage campaigns by the hour – adjusting bids, moving dollars, and analyzing trends.

Informative Analytics
Track All of Your Investments

See which sources are delivering the best returns and be able gather actionable insights – all in real-time. Ripple’s dashboard is the best in the business.

Programmatic Traffic Buying



1,000s of Traffic Sources

Ripple selects the best sources and programmatically manages them in a clear and transparent manner. We’re constantly adding additional traffic providers to offer partners even better returns.



Strategic Buying

Search algorithms are in constant change, and click prices are continuing to rise. Ripple helps job boards navigate through these challenges with a proven buying model. We actively optimize buys by the hour to squeeze the best results out of all traffic sources.



Higher Margins

Better performing traffic buys enable higher earnings. Because Ripple is managing this aspect of the business, partners are able to free up internal resources so that they can focus on what matters most for the brand: their content.

The best return on your traffic investment

how we partner
Tell Us Your Goals & Get Rolling

Let Ripple know where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow.  We’ll devise a traffic strategy that will help you get there.  When ready to get started, Ripple gets you up and rolling within hours.  We’ll ramp up or down according to your needs.

Track Your Progress & Analyze Results

Ripple provides partners with a real-time dashboard so that you can see exactly how jobs are performing across traffic providers.  Analyze how each campaign is performing down to job-level ROI.  Track where visitors came from and see how they converted.

Make Adjustments & Explore New Opportunities

No traffic source performs exactly the same across advertisers. Ripple makes hourly optimization adjustments, ensuring that performance stays in-line with goals.  We’ll also try out the latest and greatest to always help you stay ahead of the curve.

Rinse & Repeat

The industry is in constant flux, so what works today probably won’t work tomorrow. Ripple is constantly finetuning, ensuring not only your stability, but your continued growth.  We don’t work off of contracts, so that means you can adjust volume as needed.

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